Wildflower growing – Appeal for Volunteers

Perhaps you were one of the volunteers who planted wild flowers on our Field last autumn? Most of those plants were raised from seed in the Lancaster City Council’s poly tunnels at their White Lund depot (at the junction between Westgate and White Lund Road).

This season we are growing more wildflowers for Hermitage Field Community Meadow, and for a number of other projects in the Lancaster City Council area, including our own Field.

We are looking for additional volunteers

The work involves sowing seeds and ‘potting on’ seedlings, so nothing difficult or strenuous.  Advice is available if you need it. 

Our weekly sessions are usually held on Mondays from 1.00PM to 3.00PM. Our next sessions are:  Tuesday 3 May, Monday 9 May. Come as often as you like and stay for as long as you want.

Please note: parking is NOT allowed in the LCC Depot but Home Bargains at 90 Westgate Road, have kindly said that volunteers can park in their car park for these sessions. It’s only a minute’s walk to the Depot. Please park at the road end, not the shop end. If you prefer to cycle, there are bike racks in the LCC depot – bring your own bike lock. 

If you would like to come, please read the Risk Assessment which has already been emailed to our contact list. (If you have not seen it, please let us know and we can send you a copy.) 

Erica Sarney (ericasarney@fastmail.fm) is running these sessions so please contact her to tell her which session you would like to attend first, and indicate that you have read and agreed to the risk assessment. (Erica is the volunteer leading the project at the Hermitage Field Meadow at the Crook O’Lune).

If you have any questions, please contact Erica Sarney or our own Richard Evans (r.evans@mac.com) who has been growing wildflowers for Miss Whalley’s Field.

This is a great opportunity to help in a very practical way by propagating wild flowers. Come along and give it a try – you never know, you might even enjoy it!

(Footnote: We ask all volunteers to wear masks and maintain 2m social distance in the poly tunnels. Please bring your own gardening gloves and a mask. Hand sanitiser is provided for each session. There is No Smoking at the Depot.)



Please read the attached Health & Safety information.