As most people are already aware, at the end of last week and probably under cover of darkness, some half-wit decided to drive from Kentmere Road to Derwent Road without bothering to use the tarmac. Starting at the bottom of the Field they used the new access (designed to help anyone with limited mobility) to drive onto the Field. Once there, it looks as if they promptly got stuck. They  proceeded to dig deep ruts in the Field before finally ‘escaping’ onto Derwent Road leaving behind a mess for everyone else to clear up:

The Field belongs to the whole community, not to a few who want to ruin it.

Can anyone throw any light on those responsible?  Did you see or hear anything? Have you seen a car that looks as if it has been through a ploughed field? It would be nice to think that whoever did this could take some responsibility and at least pay for the damage to be repaired. 

Just let the Friends of the Field know (anonymously if necessary)  and we shall see what can be done. 

Help protect our Field from mindless idiots!