Summer News

Slow starters 

After a Spring which was too cold, then too dry, then rather hot, and finally a bit wet, the flowers in the Memorial Garden have dared to poke their heads above the surface. Let’s hope life will get a bit easier for them now and they will get well established.

Thanks to Margaret for tending to these.

Hard to believe, but true! 

Someone dumped a double mattress in the stream near the bottom of the field. Apart from being unsightly, this could have caused flooding. Fortunately it was spotted by some of our members and the Council came and removed it, but it really shouldn’t be necessary!

All users of the Field, especially those who visit every day, are asked to keep their eyes open and to report anything that needs dealing with. If the Field looks cared-for, we hope the risk of fly tipping will reduce!

 Miss Whalley’s Prairie?

The grass has been growing very vigorously, so keep an eye on your small dogs…..and children!

Fortunately another of our supporters has volunteered to learn to handle a scythe, so we shall have two trained members able to mow some areas of the Field in the old-fashioned way when the time comes. This is a vital skill especially with our plans for a Wild Flower meadow likely to be realised soon, so why not become a scyther? We need more volunteers. You won’t be asked to do too much! Simply contact the Friends on the link provided on the Home page.

A grandly titled ‘Mowing Regime’ has been agreed with the Council to ensure the right bits of the Field are mown and the right bits are left unmown! Basically only the main paths and the play area will be mown, leaving the established wild flower areas untouched. 

Where has the Swamp gone?

No-one is deceived by the disappearance of boggy ground on the Field. We all know that it will reappear as soon as the Autumn rains set in – probably in August!  Discussions are therefore going on with the City Council, United Utilities and potential grant providers to improve the drainage in some areas of the field which are particularly prone to water-logging. When some ideas emerge for what to do, there will be a consultation. This is our most expensive project to date  so we need to get it as ‘right’ as possible.

Volunteering Opportunities

Finally, keep an eye open for lots of volunteering opportunities before too long. There’s a huge wild flower meadow to be planted; the new wood with hundreds of young trees to be cared for and there’s even an AGM to be attended. Watch this space!