Scything Training

Without some sensitive management, Miss Whalley’s Field would very quickly become  inaccessible to many local residents. However it is important that the field is managed carefully, using traditional methods where possible. As a result, (and possibly inspired by the scenes from Poldark which caused such a stir earlier this year!) four members of FMWF joined with members from other local Green Spaces groups to take part in training courses in using a scythe – not something to be undertaken without a bit of tuition!

Courses took place on 20th June & 28th September, supported and promoted by Lancaster City Council and Lancaster Green Spaces.  The July training was held on a sunny day at Miss Whalley’s Field and the September training held on a lovely Saturday morning at De Vitre Community Gardens.

The council are also to help with buying scythes and accessories for the field.  As soon as we have these, we will plan working parties to clear the areas within and around the orchard, benches and noticeboards and keep the encroaching brambles and scrub in check.

Anyone else who is interested in learning more about this valuable old country skill is very welcome to contact any of the committee.