Remembrance Day 2023

Those of you who have lived in the area for a few years will know that the Remembrance Day service has been a feature for quite a while, with the Memorial stone at the top of Miss Whalley’s Field acting as the natural focus. At least 4 local schools send representatives and lay wreaths. This was the scene in 2022, with proceedings led by Rev Carol Backhouse……….

This year there is a particularly warm invitation extended to all locals who would like to join the short ceremony.

Community Act of Remembrance

at The Memorial Stone in Miss Whalley’s Field, Derwent Road

Friday 10th Nov, starting at 10.45 a.m. with 2 minutes Silence at 11am


This year there is also a special Remembrance Day event  on Saturday 11th, at 11am in the Gregson’s Olive Bar

This will be concentrate on the history of the Field, its link to Remembrance day and Gregson connections/partnership.

  • 1100: A minute’s silence to recognise Remembrance day
  • 1101 – 1115: Why Miss Whalley’s Field was left to the people of Lancaster and the history behind it. The importance of the ‘Fields in Trust’ status for protecting the Field 
  • 1115 -1120: Connections/links to the Gregson
  • 1120 – 1125: Future plans
  • 1200: Field tour if there are people who want it – probably none if it is raining!  

All are very welcome to both events.