Remembrance Day 2022 – Friday 11th Nov

As you know, Miss Whalley’s Field was given to the children of Lancaster in memory of Miss Whalley’s brother and father. Her brother was killed in WW1.

Because the Field is classified as a war memorial, Remembrance Day is always particularly important to local people and this year is no exception.

The short ceremony (at the memorial stone at the top of the Field) will begin at 10.45 on Friday and will last for about half an hour. As usual it will be focussed on the school children who will attend from Christchurch, Cathedral and Castle View Primary Schools, and Central High School.

The Rev. Carol Backhouse from Christchurch, who has supported various other events organised by the Friends of the Field, will lead the Remembrance event. 

The public are very welcome to attend but the focus will be on the children, who will be entirely under the supervision of their school staff.