Our own GIS map!

Following a meeting today, the Council have agreed to develop a GIS plan of the Field. The idea is to keep a record of what we have now (using 2023 as the Baseline), and how things change over time. It will be updated annually following a review.

The map will be used to assist the maintenance and management of the Field. It will also be a very useful educational tool. 

It will be as simple as possible but will also keep records of key details like the species of wild flowers/trees present, with photographs. (We always welcome good photographs – a particularly fine orchid perhaps, or a shot showing how the wood is growing. Please keep on sending us your pictures!)

All being well, a first draft of our new map will be available by the end of February for our comments. We are considering holding an event to publicise the project. 

A simple version of the map will appear on this website and on Facebook. The Council have also offered technical help with this, so with any luck it will actually happen!

Watch this space