New Stone Bench?

You may, (or may not!) be interested to know that there is a proposal to install a stone bench near the memorial stone on Miss Whalley’s Field. The following notice is already posted on the Notice boards and comments are welcome:


Proposed New Bench – Consultation

Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field have had discussions about a new stone bench in the vicinity of the Memorial stone/garden for some time. We would like to build a simple rectangular stone bench that will serve several purposes:

  • as a seat for the bus stop
  • as a place to sit at the Memorial
  • as a place to enjoy the Field.

 The proposal is for local stone to be used with a stone flag top. Dimensions would be H: 440cm W: 400 cm L:1.5 m.  A concrete pad would surround the bench that is level with the grass. Final design and construction specifications will comply with City Council standards.

 We would like to hear your thoughts about the proposed new bench including what you think would be the best position.

 Please send any feedback/comments to: by October 1st2023.


Over to you! If you have any feelings about this proposal or any comments on the design etc then do write to the above email address and let us know your views.

Thank you!