New Project; New Help!

Due to the sterling efforts of our Chairman, there is a new initiative to improve our Field and with lots of extra help …… The Lancashire Youth Challenge team ( have agreed to help us and they will be working with our volunteers over the next few months. 

What’s the project? you may well ask.

The aim is to improve the ground at the bottom of the Field where the conditions are both acidic and wet, and hence not suitable for the fruit trees we are trying to grow down there.

The work will involve digging trenches … like this……


Yes, it looks like a miniature version of a 1st World War trench, but it’s perfect for holding the magic ingredient, which is crushed limestone.



It looks a lot neater when it’s full:



The limestone improves drainage and ‘sweetens’ the soil, making the conditions much more suitable for fruit trees.

Plant nutrients will also be added.


The limestone arrives in bags. A ton was delivered to the Field initially and as you can see from the picture above, some of this has already been used. A second ton has now been delivered and three of our volunteers are seen here congratulating themselves on their efforts……. though it doesn’t look very stable!! 

If you would like to be part of this major project and to work with the Lancashire Youth Volunteers then simply get in touch… (… and you will be kept informed of what’s happening and when. It would be really good for us to be able to match the effort being brought in from outside to help us.

Don’t Delay; Volunteer Today!