New pathway opened

Last Wednesday (27th July) was a beautiful sunny day, which it always seems to be when we have a public event!

We were delighted to welcome our MP Cat Smith, our County Councillor Lizzie Collinge (standing next to Cat Smith)

and our City Council Leader Caroline Jackson, seen here opening the new pathway from Kentmere Road into the Field.

It’s rare when all three can attend an event together and we are very grateful to them all, and to Lancaster City Council for their advice and support.

Wild flower seeds were distributed and these were sown in the soil alongside the path so by next spring it should all look much more ‘natural’.

After the official opening, Chairman Paul Wiggins led a tour of the Field. In this picture he is introducing Charles Tyrer (the new Chief Executive of the Gregson) to the Memorial Garden, which is looking magnificent. Paul is accompanied by his wife Margaret and three of the many local volunteers who have worked so hard.

It just shows what is possible if everyone pulls together. Coming up with new ideas on how to improve the field and helping to deliver these ideas is something we can all do to protect this unique local asset.