More Seating Arrangements

Following the recent Post about the dumping of a large sofa on the Field, we now have better news:-

Firstly the Council have responded promptly to Paul Wiggins’ request and have removed the offending sofa. Many thanks to the council binmen for their prompt action.

Even better, having  got rid of the sofa we are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of another bench! The two installed so far are heavily used, so a third is likely to prove equally popular. This one will be positioned with its back to Borrowdale Road and facing the Lake District view, on the edge of the main mown area. 

Arrangements for the installation are currently being finalised but it should be a matter of days not months. Certainly in plenty of time for summer………..that’s unless the current spell of dry weather turns out to be  all the summer we get. Hopefully not!