July Flowers in the Field

Anyone passing by or walking across the Field at the moment cannot help noticing the blaze of colour from all the wild flowers which are in bloom.

This is the direct result of our great planting effort last year.

Some varieties like Yellow Rattle are largely over now (look out for the dry papery seed sacs. Break one off and shake it by your ear – that’s why it is called Rattle!)

There are a few Spotted orchids still looking exotic

In full bloom at the moment are Self Heal…..

and lots of Greater Birds Foot Trefoil.

Tufted Vetch adds a striking purple presence against the green background.

On a rather larger scale there’s Common Knapweed





………… and Meadow Cranesbill, a delicately coloured wild relative of the  geranium.



Look out too for the Common Sorrel, not a flashy plant, but unusual and easily identified:

Look down between the larger plants and you might be lucky enough to spot some Eyebright, a delicate brilliant white flower among the green canopy.




Finally, please look out for the wonderfully named Amphibious Bistort, which is just coming into flower. It loves wet areas (hence the name) and is a very unusual and striking pink addition to the flora on the Field.

The Field looks magnificent and that is due to the efforts of local people in planting hundreds of native flowers and continuing to look after this fantastic local amenity.