Gregson Open Day – Sunday 9th July – Tour of the Field

As most Friends will know, we are attached to the Gregson Charity. This gives the Friends the benefits of being a charity without the burden of running the charity ourselves! Friends will also know that the Gregson is  revamping its activities and returning itself to being a vibrant community hub.

As part of this process there is an Open Day next Sunday – 9th July. Included in the events is a Tour of the Field. This starts at 11.30 from the Gregson, meeting in the cafe/bar.

Just to complicate matters, this Tour also forms part of The Bay Health Festival – ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, it seems that the Field has many benefits apart from being a local open space. Volunteering not only involves  planting trees and flowers, cutting down brambles, clearing rubbish and sometimes getting muddy. It also involves spending time outside, working together doing something useful, and making new friends.

This sort of thing…………..

All this contributes to the mental and physical health of the community, especially for people who may be feeling isolated or lonely, perhaps because they have recently arrived in the area.

You might even trip over one of our elected representatives like Lizzie Collinge our County Councillor, who can be relied on to come and get herself muddy!

Hence ‘The Gregson Garden’ contributes in many ways to the health and happiness of the area and the more people who know about it and enjoy its benefits the better

Here is the link to the Gregson website with full details of the Open Day and the Tour: Click Here

See you there………………..