Grass Cutting Time

It’s amazing isn’t it?…. Everyone knows how to cut the grass….you wait until it gets long and then get out the lawn mower and cut it. Simples!!

Well, not really. In fact it’s quite a complicated business as anyone who has left some of their lawn uncut during the past year or two knows . The uncut grass grows long and becomes much more attractive to all sorts of wild life, mostly insects and butterflies. It also sets seeds. However if the grass is then cut and left to rot down,  the wild flowers may find the soil becomes too fertile for them to thrive. If on the other hand the grass cuttings are removed, there is a good chance that all the seeds will be removed with the cut grass, so no new plants will germinate!

Anyway, anyone who has been reading these posts over the past few years knows that we have a grandly named ‘MOWING REGIME’ on Miss Whalley’s Field with different bits of the Field designated for mowing at different times over a period of years. This plan has been drawn up by our resident expert Richard,  in consultation with our friends at the Council (who actually do the mowing for us).

Mowing time is here so, weather permitting, you may see  the Council’s Amazone mower buzzing around the Field in the next few weeks. We thought everyone would like to know what is happening, so here is a map of the areas designated for mowing this autumn. As you will see, Areas ‘A’ and ‘D’ are scheduled to have a haircut this year. Just click here……


So don’t be alarmed; it is all part of the long term plan to make the Field as nature-friendly and attractive as possible. It will also make it much easier to put in further plug plants, so watch this space!