Freda and the Workers! Report

Firstly, Freda needs to be introduced. She is not a new volunteer but a resident of the Field whom we met during the work party on Saturday. Freda is rather magnificent and has clearly been enjoying the wet weather.

She stayed in one place long enough to have her picture taken before we left her in peace.

She is a reminder that there is a lot of wildlife living on the field which we may not see often. We all know about the wild flowers that we have worked hard to establish, and also the trees that we have planted, but we often forget about the birds, rodents, bats, insects, butterflies  …… and amphibians, that make a home on the field. Encouraging diversity is a primary aim of all our work and the work party was all about improving the environment for as many creatures as possible.

None of this work could be done without the support of our local heroes. It’s hard work, but strangely, everyone seems to really enjoy it! A few are included below:

Pat cutting back brambles encroaching on footpaths;

Sarah, disappearing cheerfully in her work;


and of course Lizzie Collinge (in Red as usual), who holds the record for the longest bramble – 5 metres.

Meanwhile Sybil, one of our most loyal volunteers, tackled the grass choking the young trees in Jean Argles Wood……..

and Richard had the unenviable job of clearing litter, (mostly from along Derwent Road where it seems to get thrown out of car windows – shameful). 

Andy and Neil look as if they took time off to have a whacky wheelbarrow race!………while in the new fruit orchard a new design was being installed to overcome the problems of water-logging and further increase plant diversity.








A great day’s work. Thanks to everyone involved.

Everyone knows that ‘a gardener’s work is never completed’….there’s always something else to be done. The Field is much the same, only more so. If there’s something that you would like to work on and there’s not a Work Day planned, then please feel free to get on with it, so long as you are confident you know what you are doing. If in doubt, please ask.  

Finally, do you known about the local charity 3R? They are based in a smart shop in Carnforth (on the main road near the Tesco supermarket) and their sole aim is to support small local charities and groups like us.  
As you can see, they generously gave us a cheque for £281 which has already been spent on the Work Day, including new trees. MANY THANKS TO THEM.

If you would like to know more about this splendid organisation, have a look at their website and social media on the following links: and the 3R Facebook / Instagram pages.