Emergency Repairs!

The attempt to drive a vehicle from Kentmere Road to Derwent Road caused significant damage to the Field. However last Saturday the long ruts where the vehicle got stuck were repaired in a remarkable effort by the Friends of the Field with the support of the Council. At only a couple of days’ notice a working party assembled on Saturday morning to aerate and drain the damaged areas and return the the surface to its normal state.

It was important to get the work done as soon as possible before Spring growth really starts. This gives the flora and fauna the best chance to start the new season in a good state.

Many thanks to all those who responded. It was really heartening to see so many people (especially yet more new faces!) turn out at such short notice. People really do care about the Field!



We can only hope that whoever caused the damage is by now aware of how their stupidity is viewed by their neighbours.

Roll on Spring when we are looking forward to a splendid display of wild flowers!