Drainage News

We are delighted to report that the scheme to improve drainage and access at the bottom of the Field – near the  southern Kentmere road entrance – is to go ahead. This project has been a long time in the planning (- it was started before our Chairman fell off a roof, which caused some unexpected delays!). It is only due to the persistence and co-operation of our volunteers and supporting organisations that we are now in a position to go ahead. Thanks to everyone who has helped to date.

A two metre wide path is to be installed, to replace the existing narrow path from Kentmere road.  This path will be extended towards the Notice Board with another path leading towards the woodland walk.

Drains laid at the same time should help to improve the very wet and boggy conditions we always get in autumn and winter.

We hope that the contractor will be on site in July/August and the work will take around a week. We cannot give an exact date as it depends on the contractor’s availability and (of course!) the weather conditions.

Disruption will be kept to a minimum and will be monitored by the City Council. Please be patient! It will be well worth it if, as we expect, access to this rather boggy corner of the Field can be much improved.