Your Field needs YOU!

We usually like to organise work parties when there’s a project on the Field. It’s sociable and productive but it does take a lot of organising and the day and time doesn’t suit everyone. Besides, we cannot control the weather on the chosen day, though Chairman Paul has a strong track record of delivering sunshine!

However everything is growing very rapidly and there are many jobs that need doing, so we cannot leave it to young Jack, willing & enthusiastic though he is:

What we now need is people who are reasonably fit and healthy and happy to work on their own, or with a friend, at a time that suits them. Does that sound like you?

The ideal area for work would be the new orchard area at the bottom of the Field. It’s a bit damp down there, so work involves digging sumps to collect water, adding limestone to neutralise some of the acidity, digging up bramble roots to stop them taking over, planting wild flowers such as Flag Iris (see above) and general weeding. All fairly tough jobs but our volunteers have proved on many occasions that they are well up to it. (In fact there have been suggestions that women often lead the way on tough tasks …….we couldn’t possibly comment!) 

Anyone who has a few hours to spare and would like to help should simply send a note to the FMWF email account. (The address is at the bottom of the Home page.)

People often say they would like to help but they aren’t sure about what to do, or they don’t have any tools. Do not worry………..Ben, who is one of our volunteers, is leading on this project. He will arrange to meet you on site and brief you on exactly what needs to be done. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy. 

Thank You.

PS This probably isn’t one for the kids, but they can still enjoy themselves while you work – and hopefully not get in the way too much. Jack here has only recently moved into the area and absolutely loves having the Field to explore and play in.