Christmas Greetings

Well we’ve made it nearly to the end of a momentous 2023. It’s now very damp on the Field and no time to be planting, mowing, or indeed doing anything very much.

In the meantime it’s Christmas and only one thing remains to be done………….to say a huge 

Thank You 

to everyone who has made this year so successful, especially ……

  • Our wonderful volunteers – that’s YOU,  whose enthusiasm and loyalty  – turning out  (sometimes at short notice) to plant, tidy and patch up damage. The response is always amazing, and without it the Field would not be in the strong position it now is. We should also mention our MP Cat Smith, County Councillor Lizzie Collinge and several of our local Green  councillors. For a small local project we have a very high profile!  
  • Our Specialists who have given hundreds of hours to supporting The Field. Particularly  Richard and Catherine who grew most of our plug plants (- please take a bow!).
  • Our Council, who have provided unfailing support to The Friends and have turned out to  assist our efforts whenever asked. Councils tend to get a bad press but ours has been unfailingly helpful and generous – thank you!
  • and finally, thanks to Our Committee under the leadership of the incorrigible Paul Wiggins – ably supported by Margaret. Paul seems to charm his way though the most complex situations and almost invariably he gets whatever it is that we are seeking! 

Have a Great Christmas and we look forward to working together again in 2024. Miss Whalley’s Field is definitely something for everyone to be proud of.

Happy Christmas!