Christ Church Primary School Time Capsule


The Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field worked with staff and pupils of Christ Church C of E School to fill a time capsule and organise its burial beneath the field’s second bench.  The bench was funded by Lancashire Community Fund.  It is a welcome and much used companion to our first bench at the top of the field, which was funded by the Lancashire Environmental Fund.

The pupils were very enthusiastic about the project and suggested ideas for its content.  The school celebrated the burial by organising a whole school outing to the field.   On a sunny summer day in July the Deputy Mayor attended the event and made a speech congratulating the children for their work.

The whole school then enjoyed a lunchtime picnic on the field.  The site of the time capsule is marked with a plaque with the school’s name and date of its burial.

These pictures show pupils filling in the hole after the burial of the time capsule