AGM 2023 – Summary

Ask our supporters to turn out on a wet morning to repair vandalism, or to spend a glorious afternoon  planting wild flowers or pruning trees, and dozens respond to the call – that’s why we have achieved so much in the past year. Other events, like the Remembrance Service, have been even better attended with the enthusiastic support of local schools.

However many of you apparently draw the line at the excitement of an AGM at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. We shall know better in future not to clash with Sunday dinner and football on the telly!

Nevertheless The Friends has to conduct its business properly as part of the Gregson charity and a comprehensive AGM was held on 23rd April, with a thorough review of the year, an outline of plans for the future and a discussion on the finances and management of the Friends.

For more information simply read the Minutes of the meeting which are available here.

Much has been achieved and the Friends are likely to be even more active (with practical action on the Field, not with meetings!) in 2023-24, so keep in touch and we shall look forward to seeing you again soon.