Access and Drainage works completed

We are delighted to report that thanks to some sterling work by the Committee and some very efficient contractors, the new Drainage and Access works at the bottom of the field were completed in record time (12th July). Fortunately the funding came through just in time! 

The access from Kentmere Road at the bottom of the field has been transformed from a narrow, overgrown muddy  path into a wide and welcoming access to the field.

The picture shows the contractors clearing the passage from Kentmere Road into the field .

The resulting pathway is a startling improvement on the previous situation:

It all looks a bit stark at the moment but it will quickly blend in as plants grow along the borders.

Once visitors enter the field the path offers a choice of two options across the newly drained land.

We hope the great improvement to access will encourage local people to visit the Field and to enjoy watching the growth of Jean Argles wood and seeing the thousands of meadow flowers  currently flowering on the Field.