A New Seat for Spring?

Spring is round the corner – allegedly. Well at least the monsoon season seems to have let up, at least for a few days!

While everyone has been hiding out of the rain, you will be pleased to hear that your Committee has not been idle, so.……..we are now in a position to build a stone bench next to the memorial garden adjacent to Derwent Road.

This will allow people to sit and admire our splendid view over  Lancaster castle and Morecambe Bay, have a quiet moment at the memorial garden,…….. or just sit and wait for the bus.

We have a specification agreed with the City Council and have a local contractor lined up. The plan is for work to start in spring/early summer – rain permitting!

 In addition to the stone bench there will be 2 time capsules buried underneath the structure. One from Christchurch and one from the Gregson Community Centre. These two organisations will decide on the content of their time capsules and will participate in the actual burial of them. The 2 new time capsules will join the existing time capsules from 4 local schools already in place under existing seating.

If you are venturing onto the field (in wellies?), have a look at the  woodland area for signs of new growth. Woodland likes rain much more than drought, so hopefully it should put on lots of growth this year. Wildflowers should also be showing themselves if you look carefully. We’ve planted enough over the past few years!

More news before too long. Keep in touch.