2024 New Job Opportunities on the Field!

Yes, we know 2024 already seems quite ‘old’ and Yes, it seems to have done nothing but rain for the past 3 months, but never mind……..

……..here’s your first  opportunity to get out on the Field volunteering in 2024!

The re-arranged date for the work party is Saturday 27 April at 1300. Just turn up near the memorial stone on Derwent Road.

Jobs to do include:

  • Pulling up vegetation from around the trees in Jean Argles wood. That’s a BIG job! Our new wood is coming along fine – lots of new leaves now…. but it would be even better if we can reduce the thick grass around the trees.
  • Clearing grass from around the apple trees in the orchard.
  • Clearing ivy from around the willow copse. (A satisfying job for anyone with too much energy!)
  • Cutting back brambles from the woodland walk.
  • Cleaning up the benches. 

Also possibly litter picking at the edge of Derwent road – this one is probably best for adults only.

Please bring your own gloves and appropriate tools e.g shears, rakes if possible. 

Also please bring lots of Energy!

There’s lots to do – see you there!