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Mentioned in Parliament

Fame at Last! 

Our MP Cat Smith has spoken about us in Parliament on 19th December and it is duly recorded in Hansard – the official record of parliamentary proceedings. To save you looking it up, here is what she said…….

Protecting nature and increasing biodiversity is often led by grassroots organisations. I invite the Secretary of State to commend the work of the Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field, led by Paul Wiggins in my constituency, which takes a piece of land between the Freehold and Ridge estate areas of Lancaster and plants trees and wildflowers, involving children from local schools such as Castle View and Lancaster Christ Church primary schools and Central Lancaster High School. Will she not only commend the work of those volunteers, but reaffirm the Government’s commitment that they will not return to fracking?

Well we cannot get a much better bit of publicity than that! What a splendid Christmas present for the Friends. The more people know about us the better – it may inspire others. As for Paul Wiggins, there’s a rumour he has taken to signing himself as ‘Sir Paul’. (Note: We believe there’s a ‘Sir Paul’ from Liverpool already!)

A Happy Christmas to all Friends of the Field