Monthly Archives: September 2022

Volunteers needed – Saturday 1st October

Following the great success of our planting efforts last year (see the Home Page picture) we have enjoyed greatly increased plant diversity on the Field.

Now we need Volunteers again to create an additional wildflower meadow on the other side of the main  pathway, opposite the existing one.  

In preparation for our work, Lancaster City Council will be mowing and clearing the new wildflower area on Monday 26th Sept. just like they did last year. 

We need volunteers to:-

  • Plant plug plants
  • Sow seeds
  • Clear ivy, willow and brambles
  • Remove rubbish and litter
  • Maintain the Memorial Garden

If you can come, please bring tools such as trowels, spades, rakes and gloves. Note: Children are very welcome under supervision of an adult.  

Meet at the Memorial Stone on Derwent Road at 1pm on Saturday 1st October. Please come along, even if it’s only for a short time during the afternoon.  It is important FMWF can demonstrate that the local community are willing to give their time and effort to maintain and improve this much-loved green space.

We look forward to seeing you all again!