Monthly Archives: August 2022

Mowing Plan

You may well be asking why we need a Mowing Plan! 

Well the reason is that after all the hard work on increasing the number of wild flowers on the field they now need looking after.

If we don’t mow the field then some plants will thrive but others will not. Over time, many will disappear because they are choked by long grass and the excessive amount of nutrients added to the soil each year by grass that dies back naturally in the winter.

However if we simply mow the field very short every year and remove all the cut grass and plants then we shall probably be removing much of the seed and the insect larvae attached to the plants. This will reduce the variety of life on the Field.

This is obviously a difficult issue to resolve, so detailed discussions have taken place between our own local experts and Council officers to come up with a proposal that balances the various factors. This is likely to be incorporated into our Management Plan. For the moment the Mowing Plan is shown on the Management Page of this website.

Simply Click this link.

There will be plenty of volunteering opportunities when the mowing happens this September as we hope to do more planting at that time.

Thanks as ever to the Council staff who are so supportive of our efforts.