Monthly Archives: February 2022

Drop Kerbs action!

It may seem a boring subject to some, but it is a very important subject for anyone with mobility problems or in a wheelchair. 

It became painfully obvious to anyone at the Remembrance Day event on the Field, that it was impossible to cross Derwent Road from the flats to the Memorial stone without negotiating a kerb……or two! As a result at least one young lady in a wheelchair was unable to access the event. 

We contacted our County Councillor Lizzi Collinge and our friends at Lancaster City Council. As a result, speedy action is being taken with 2 drop kerbs being installed. 

Here are the contractors working for  Lancaster Council at work on the new drop kerb outside the flats.  It’s a much more complex business than you might think as all the levels have to be just right to make a drop kerb do its job properly.

However by the time you read this, both should be ready for use.

If you know of any other issues relating to access to the Field then do let us know and  we shall do our best to take action.  Special thanks to Lizzie Collinge and the Council contractors for their efforts.