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Wild Flower meadow approved!

Yes, it’s really going to happen! The Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field are delighted to report that the City Council have approved the creation of a Wild Flower meadow on Miss Whalley’s Field.

The plan is to create a meadow of about 4,000 sq. m in the North East sector of the field, with  Derwent Road, Keswick Road house gardens, and the main mown strip, forming the boundaries. An even better view for anyone sitting on the seat by Derwent Road!

The Council has been advised by Natural England, who will supply several thousand plug plants of typical ‘hay meadow’ flowers. 

We hope to arrange a workday for everyone to come along and help, but we shall have to be patient. Work cannot start until the autumn when growth has stopped. Then the grass will be cut back and removed and the wild flower plugs can be planted. 

Anyone who wants an idea of what a splendid sight a real Wild Flower meadow is, can have a look on the pictures on the internet of the meadow created last summer at Kings College, Cambridge. Part of the immaculate lawn between the famous Chapel and the river Cam was turned into a spectacular wild flower meadow roughly the same size as ours will be. If you are interested in seeing how it was done, there’s a talk by the Head Gardener explaining what was involved! Simply click the U-Tube link on our Home page

What’s good enough for one of the most famous buildings in England is good enough for Miss Whalley’s Field.  Watch this space!