Monthly Archives: October 2020

Action! UU and partners start work.

We are delighted to report that on 22nd/23rd October, United Utilities and Sapphire Utility Solutions will be working at the top of the field alongside Derwent Road. 

Lancaster City Council has approved the first stage of the planned works on the field so we shall soon have (at long last, you may say) improved access to the bus stop from the Keswick Road end and completion of the memorial garden. The garden was started by Central Lancaster High School but had to be abandoned when lock-down happened early this year. It will be good to see it finished.  The outline plans are below…..

Spectacular Visitor!

What’s spectacular, rare and has been seen on Miss Whalley’s Field?

It’s a Hoopoe. What it is doing here is a bit of a mystery as they don’t usually come to the UK especially when winter is approaching. However here it is, so if you spot it locally, let us know and tell the Hoopoe it’s very welcome but it had better head somewhere warmer for the winter!