Monthly Archives: September 2020

Drone sighting!

Our new partnership with United Utilities and the Council is already bearing fruit. 

A matter of days after the official visit of our new partners to the field, a drone survey has already been completed and the results are being assessed. This will enable the contractors to design and install a water management scheme for the whole field rather than simply trying to dry out some of the wettest bits. The ultimate aim is to create a range of habitats so as to maximise the diversity of flora and fauna that can thrive in the field. We await the results of the survey and initial proposals with great interest.

Keep checking the website to find the latest news on this exciting new project. 

New Partnerships for Miss Whalley’s Field

Important Breaking News – 4th September

Anyone looking out this morning would have seen a group of  people in Hi Vis jackets on a tour of the field. This was our Chairman with some important new partners for the Friends group – United Utilities, their contractors and Lancaster City Council.

The Group were investigating the potential for carrying out work on Miss Whalley’s Field. This could include:

  • Completion of the memorial garden (this was started by Central High school pupils but was not finished due to Covid 19)
  • Improving access from the Ridge to the bus stop
  • Installation of an additional bench adjacent to the mown area
  • Printing permanent signage for the notice boards
  • Producing a drainage plan for resolving the waterlogged areas , primarily the main access path. This will initially involve a drone survey and calculations of levels etc. The drainage scheme may well involve a variety of different approaches for different areas.

Work will take place once any necessary approvals have been applied for and complied with. We hope that some of the work can take place before November although the drainage is much more complex and will take longer. 

Once more details are available we will update this web site and our Facebook page as well as email our circulation list.

This is potentially a major step forward for Miss Whalley’s Field and we look forward to working with our new partners