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Work Day 7th March Report

On Saturday 7th  March a working party was held on Miss Whalley’s Field. Many thanks to all those who came to help, including a City Council ranger who turned out specially to help us. The volunteers carried out a number of tasks including:

1). Fitting 100 tree protection mats. They stop grass and weeds choking the young tree.  The plastic tube  holds the whip against the stake and reduces the risk of the stem being nibbled!

We were delighted to find tiny leaves on some of the young trees so we hope they have all survived this very wet winter. Another 100 mats will need to be fitted in the next few weeks.

2). Cutting back some encroaching willow to allow other trees to flourish, and carrying material to the environmental area – with the help of four legged companions!




Some volunteers were clearly exhausted by the work and needed a lift………………!

3). Clearing brambles alongside Jean Argles wood at the bottom of the field.

4). Removing some litter

 Without our volunteers we could achieve nothing, so many thanks to all.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, a lot was achieved …………and it didn’t rain!