Monthly Archives: January 2020

Memorial Garden update

Central High School pupils are continuing to work on the installation of the Memorial garden at the top of the field next to the Memorial stone. They have dug out turf to install a small, stone access path and they are continuing to dig out on either side of the path to provide a planting area. Bulbs and plants will follow, hopefully before spring.

Excavated material is being used to fill in ruts made by vehicles further down the Field.

These pupils deserve a real thank you from the community as they are working hard in bad weather and poor ground conditions.

Work day re-organised for 7th March

Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field had organised a Working Party on Sunday 16th February. Unfortunately the field was very wet and the work had to be postponed due to the threat of further storms. The  work day will now take place on Saturday 7th March at 13.30 hours.

 Everyone is very welcome, including children accompanied by responsible adults. 

There are four main tasks that we would like to work on:-

  1. Anti Weed Mats for the new trees:  We now have the extra mats to install on those young trees which didn’t get one when they were planted. The mats are essential to stop the grass choking the trees when the spring comes. Spades are needed for this job.
  2. Willow: Some of the willow needs to be thinned and cut back. This will not only stop the willow spreading but also result in stronger trees which produce more flowers for insects. Loppers/saws will be needed for this job and we shall need to move the cut branches to the environmental wild area near the bottom of the Field.
  3. General Vegetation: We need to trim the vegetation in the apple orchard and round the notice boards. We now have at least 2 trained scythers who will carry out this task but they will need help to remove the cut vegetation to the bottom of the Field.
  4. Brambles: if there is time, some of the brambles on the woodland walk need to to be cut back. This job will need secateurs and very thick gloves.

Please find the time to come along and help for a couple of hours to help improve our local green space. 

N.B. Please bring along any of the tools mentioned above (spades, loppers, saws, gloves etc) if you can. Thank you!