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Remembrance Day Event


Local Schools’ Remembrance Event on Miss Whalley’s Field on Nov 9th

On Friday 9th November at 11 am, a Remembrance Service took place on Miss Whalley’s Field. This involved young people in events to mark the end of the ‘Great War’ and inspire a new generation of peace-makers.

The Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field group worked with local schools to arrange a joint service using the Memorial stone on Miss Whalley’s Field, as a focus for the event.  This stone was erected as part of the Field’s Centenary Event held last December and has 2 plaques to show the Field’s history and status as a ‘Fields in Trust’ area.  

The service was led by local resident, Rev Keith Brockbank and attended by pupils from Central Lancaster High School, Christ Church C of E Primary School and Ridge Community Primary School.  During the service, children took part in readings and laid a wreath and poppies they had made, in front of the Memorial Stone.

It was also attended by Mrs Jean Argles, the great Niece of Miss Whalley.  This was especially relevant to the day, as the Field was bequeathed by Miss Whalley in memory of her brother Julian, who died in WWI.  At the end of the service, Mrs Jean Argles presented a donation to each of the schools. Jean also enjoyed attending the Centenary Event last December and more recently, helping to judge the ‘Pebble Project’ at Ridge Primary School.  Local resident Rosemary Rodwell is to take the winning pebble to the grave of Julian Whalley in Cambrai, France.

Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field group are continuing to work with local schools on further projects. Central Lancaster High School pupils currently integrate work on the orchard into their course work and are planning the design of a small memorial garden around the stone. The implementation and fruition of the garden and similar work depends upon the group gaining sufficient funds via community grants and much needed voluntary donations. For further information on the group, please visit


Working party 28th Oct

An intrepid band of volunteers turned out on a very wet Sunday to help clear cut branches from the filed as part of the on-going maintenance and improvement programme.  Many thanks to all those who helped, especially in the poor weather!