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March 2018 Newsletter

WW1 Centenary Event in December

The Centenary Event was a great success especially as we also were successful in gaining Fields in Trust Status which gives the field nationally recognised  protection. Many locals joined our MP, Mayor & Mayoress, County and local Councillors to celebrate the gift of Miss Whalley’s Field.  Jean Argles, the great-neice of Miss Whalley was also thrilled to be invited to enjoy the celebration. The contribution of pupils from from Ridge Primary, Central High School and Lancaster Boys Grammar schools were central to the success of the event. Sincere thanks to all those who helped with donations, services, equipment and materials. Also thanks to the volunteers on the day who made sure that the event went smoothly. Miss Whalley would have been proud.

There are photographs of the event on our web site and Facebook page. We would still like to arrange for a pebble from the Field to be taken to Julian Whalley’s grave in France.  Any suggestions? 

Annual Meeting and Auction – 22nd April @ 2pm

Our Annual Public Meeting is to be held at the Gregson on Sunday 22nd April at 2pm. This is to be followed by an auction to raise funds.  Any item/voucher or ‘promise’ that you wish to donate will be auctioned, with all proceeds going to the FMWF to boost our meagre funds. The Main Hall in the Gregson will be open at 1pm when you can bring auction items, have the opportunity to view what is to be auctioned and place initial bids. We already have donations of a splendid bottle of whisky, two black plastic compost bins, a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent perfume and a fish tank!

The annual meeting will start at 2pm and finish by 3pm. The auction will follow on. More information nearer the date, including further auction items, to be sent out and to be found on our website and Facebook page.  If you have anything you wish to donate it would be helpful if you could let us know at the contact details below. Please bring along friends to the auction/meeting or preferably both.

Working with the Community

Central High School pupils are working on the field’s small orchard under the guidance of a local expert as part of their horticultural qualification. CHS pupils are also involved in carrying out litter picking on the field.

As Councillor Caroline Jackson explained at our last AGM, residents of Kentmere Rd have had significant problems from a row of now very large Hornbeams originally planted as a hedge at the back of their houses. Councillor Jackson has successfully worked with the City Council and liaised with locals and ourselves to agree to have these pollarded.  The trees will grow back into the “hedge” as they were originally intended to be.  The cutting & clearing should be completed soon & surface damage will be rectified when the weather allows.

Events & Plans for 2018

Working Party Sunday 8th April @ 1pm

We need more locals involved to help improve & maintain the field!  We are organising a Working Party on Sunday 8th April at 1pm to recycle and spread the chipped branches from the Hornbeams and other tree work in and adjacent to the field.  This will help define & improve paths.  Meet at the Kentmere Rd end of the field.  All welcome, big, small, young and old.  Children must be supervised by a responsible adult.  Please wear suitable clothing & footwear & bring shovels, rakes, gloves, wheelbarrows and other helpful tools.

 Future Plans for 2018

  • Clear more willow scrub and areas around the orchard.
  • Involve local schools – e.g. improve orchard & make a wild flower garden area around the memorial
  • Following feedback from local residents, we will liaise with the council to improve access along the field edge of Derwent Rd. We will stress the need for extending the hard path/pavement from the bus stop, to access the Ridge & the new bench & memorial stone.
  • Encourage more diverse wild life e.g. butterflies and bees by planting appropriate bushes, wild flowers, bulbs etc.
  • Gather information and evidence so that we can apply for grants to alleviate the drainage and access problems especially at the bottom of the Field.
  • Continue to pursue our Town/Village Green application with Lancashire County Council. It is now 3 years since we first applied!
  • Work with the Gregson Festival group to help make the 2018 Bonfire another great success.

Funding Grants and Support

Funds are still very limited and we are always searching for sources of awards, grants or donations.  Please let us know of any potential sources or if you would like to donate financially or offer your time, Thanks again to a local resident who is funding the hosting of our web site for 2018.

Publicity and Communication

We will have new articles and photos of recent events and developments on our website:-


Contact this e mail if you would like to donate items, get involved and/ or join the Committee.