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Centenary Event – 3rd December 2017


On 3rd December 1917, Capt Julian Whalley was killed at the battle of Cambrai, Northern France. In memory of her brother, Geraldine Whalley bought and donated ‘Miss Whalley’s Field’  to the children and people of Lancaster, in perpetuity. Our Centenary event on 3rd December 2017 is planned to commemorate this anniversary.

The event will be held at the top of the field alongside Derwent Road.  Everyone is welcome and the event will involve local schoolchildren, the Mayor and invited dignitaries.

As you may have noticed, a boulder has already been installed at the top of the field and two plaques will be added before the event on 3rd December. A bench has also been put in place near the boulder, giving a fine view out over the city and Morecambe Bay.  These are being funded by grants from Lancashire Environment Fund ( & Lancaster Green Spaces (

We also hope to combine our ceremony with the Fields in Trust work which helps protect vital open spaces all across the UK.  Part of the work of Fields in Trust includes the Centenary Fields Project which works in partnership with The Royal British Legion to secure recreational spaces in perpetuity to honour the memory of the millions of people who lost their lives in World War I.  By dedicating land through the Centenary Fields programme it can ensure our green space is protected as a living remembrance.  Fields in Trust will also donate a plaque to show that our Field as been recognised and dedicated as a Centenary Field. (


The Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field have produced a leaflet to publicise this significant event. To see this leaflet (in pdf form) just click on the link below:

Miss Whalley’s Field v2

Heritage Open Day Event at the Gregson

Saturday 9th September 

Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to the public to celebrate their heritage, community and history. This event is England’s largest festival of history and culture.

This year, The Gregson Community Centre, (33 Moorgate, Lancaster LA1 3PY) took part in the event and was open to the public.

The Friends of Miss Whalley’s Field were one of the local groups represented at The Gregson to tell people about the history of the field and their local activities.

If you would like to know more about Heritage Open Days – which are all FREE – visit Enter a place or postcode into the search to see what else happening near you.




FoMWF Activity Summary 2016-17

May and October 2016 Working Parties

Members pruned the apple orchard & willows & cleared scrub to prevent the field and paths from becoming overgrown.

Litter was cleared and rubbish dumped.

More than 400 daffodil bulbs were planted, primarily alongside Derwent Rd.

Wild flower seeds were sown in two areas at the top of the main pathway.

Saplings (including “Colin” the conker tree!) were planted.

Pedestrian Surveys

Several surveys have taken place to assess and record field usage. Dog walkers, children exploring and pedestrians passing through, all feature as regular users of the Field.

Nov 2016 – The Gregson Bonfire

As well as the bonfire we had a spectacular firework display.

As part of ‘Light Up Lancaster’, we also had a taste of Las Fallas de Valencia Festival with magnificent music from the Banda LaPeris Llapisera and traditional burning of a Falla sculpture.

Dec 2016 Lancaster Green Spaces

We were very pleased to be successful in our application for Local Green Space Designation.

This provides additional protection for the Field which will in future be regarded as a green space for local planning purposes.

Jan 2017 Burnt out car

On a less cheerful note we had an abandoned, burnt out car on the Field. We liaised with the council to remove it.

March 2017 Working Party

We cleared rubbish & spread wood chips to improve the access of pathways alongside the stream.

April 2017 Erection of Safety Barrier

We informed the council of the public safety danger of a 3 metre open drop at the top of the field where the stream emerges from under Derwent Rd.

As a result the council erected a safety barrier.



 Japanese Knotweed

We liaised with the Council to ensure the Japanese Knotweed, which had probably escaped from a garden, was sprayed in October and early summer. This was how it looked in April this year (see below). We hope eventually to be rid of this problem.



Thanks to all the local volunteers who contributed to all these events and activities in 2016 and early 2017! 

 FMWF Activities 2016-17